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Terms of Use for Services & Copyright


Last Updated August 18, 2020


Terms of Use

Real Estate; Brokers and Sales Representatives – Photos are for one time use while you are the active/co-listed agent on the listing and cannot be transferred to another Real Estate agent. If publishing in magazines photo credit “Muskoka Virtual Tours”. Images cannot be given to or sold to the home owner or anyone other than yourself without prior consent from Muskoka Virtual Tours.



Copyright of the images belongs to the Photographer, Copyright Act, c. C-42, Canadian Copyright Act. Thank you for hiring our imaging services, the images will be licensed to you to use to market the property on MLS, Matrix, DDF feeds, social media and magazines (with photo credit). We wish you a successful sale and we will support you in this goal.


Canadian Copyright Act c, C-42 – “The Copyright Act was amended in the Spring of 2012, under Bill C-11, rectifying the injustice that prevailed hitherto, while the copyright of photographs that were ordered belonged to the client by default. Canadian photographers are now, by default, the first owners of the copyright of the images they produce, as are illustrators, musicians, painters, and writers with their respective work. This applies to both photographs commissioned and paid by a client, and to photographs taken for non-commercial purposes. Therefore, photographers no longer have to sign an agreement with their client stating that they are the first owner of copyright; the Act now guarantees ownership by default.”


Click here to learn more about Canadian Copyright Act c, C-42.


Copyright Metadata

Each one of Muskoka Virtual Tours photos has copyright data stored into the file’s metadata:

Owner: Ben Carlin

Company: Muskoka Virtual Tours

Address: 707 N Waseosa Lk Rd, Huntsville, ON, P1H 2J4 CANADA


Phone: 705-380-6656


Muskoka Virtual Tours owns the copyright of their photos. If you would like to use one please contact them to make arrangements for payment.